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   I've been a professional graphic designer since graduating from Louisiana Tech in 1989. Since then, I've had an amazing career helping people achieve their dreams by giving life to their visions through creative design work.  

   With a daughter living in Nashville, a son starting his sophomore year in college and following in my footsteps as a graphic designer, and a wife at home eager and willing to learn new things, we've decided to chase a dream of our own, to start something completely from scratch and see if we can make it fly. 

   My son, Noah, has been building our website and critiquing my designs to absolutely, positively, guarantee that I have given my very best. My wife, Carmen, is the driving force behind the business, cracking the whip with a beautiful smile that is only outshined by her overly large, overly-sweet Christian heart. 

   Since I was a small child growing up in Louisiana, I've dreamed of a life filled with excitement and adventure in the great outdoors. And as an aging adult, I feel like I've accomplished that dream, oftentimes with my family in tow. Whether it was chasing humpback whales in a kayak in Resurrection Bay, Alaska, or American saltwater crocodiles by canoe in the Everglades of Florida, we would always return home to the south and have incredible adventures nearly every single weekend.

   There are grand adventures to be had right here in the south. Anybody who has immersed themselves into a primordial swamp and soaked in the sights, sounds and smells, will tell you that it is just as captivating as any of the other incredible natural wonders   on our planet. It is here that our company was born - Swampy Supply Company. Although there are many brands that represent adventure life in mountains and sea, we wanted a brand representing those of us who make the swamps our playground.

   At Swampy Supply Company, we are inspired by those adventures and infuse them with our rich southern culture and twisted sense of humor to deliver garments that make us smile and immerse us back into that place we love - the swamp.

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